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NoTube helps convert & download Youtube videos

If you have some video page in mind - copy its URL and paste it here, then hit GO button.
Don't know what's a URL? Start entering text into search box above to find video you want to download.
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How Notube Youtube Converter works? As easy as 1-2-3:

  • STEP 1: decide which Youtube video you'd like to download to your device. Find it on Youtube or use search box above.
  • STEP 2: copy/paste video URL from your browser into the box and hit GO. If used search box - simply click on any video thumbnail.
  • STEP 3: wait for video download options to show. Select mp4 format and download. Included option to convert Youtube video to mp3.
  • No_Tube is online Youtube converter

    NoTube is here to save time and help take video downloads to the next level. NoTube is Youtube converter first. Here you can convert any Youtube video to mp3 and download to your laptop or smartphone. If looking for video download options, NoTube excels in that too. Simply follow 1-2-3 steps above to copy and paste Youtube video URL to our input box, hit GO button and see world of opportunity unfold right before your eyes. Youtube converter offers at least a dozen or two of options on how to convert video to mp3 or download mp4 format, with or without audio or even audio by itself as m4a or webm formats. NoTube knows every user needs their own preferred sound and video format and container, so multiple options are provided for satisfactory download. Check it out, it's very easy to use. Notube also provides lite-weight app, see more below.

    Youtube to mp3 converter

    NoTube can help download free music from Youtube. Don't wait for new songs to hit online stores - download Youtube mp3 easy with NoTube. Just find the song you like via our search box, and see the download options unfold. Select mp3 and you're all set.

    Download Youtube videos

    NoTube is an excellent way to download videos from Youtube. It can be done with many options, many formats, quality, size, etc. Simply find the video you want to download, copy its URL and paste it into white box above, and voila: download Youtube mp4.

    Over 400 sites supported

    NoTube works with many other sites that stream video and audio. Download lectures or podcasts, running techno mix or live news broadcast recording, - everything becomes easy with NoTube at your service. DVR it with NoTube and watch it offline when ready.

    Free, online, no tracking

    NoTube is an online web app, everything happens here in your browser, safe and secure. Https ensures that your ISP or its watchdogs cannot track what are you doing here at NoTube, plus our built-in Youtube search prevents them it tracking your actions.

    NoTube supports Youtube playlist download

    If you have a playlist from Youtube, simply copy its page URL from browser or using the social video share button (pick the copy link option) to clipboard. Then open NoTube and paste playlist URL into the white input box and hit GO. Did you know Youtube has a stream of suggested and watched videos just for you which is easy to access in the menu. Copy that URL, bring it here, and NoTube will help download each and every video from that playlist as mp4 file. Or you can convert some of the videos to mp3, or get the m4a option - it's up to you. Also keep in mind, many different websites use playlists, such as DailyMotion, Soundcloud, etc or have multi-video posts like Instagram or Reddit. Be sure, NoTube has you covered and can handle many playlists from numerous sites other than Youtube.

    Install NoTube webapp

    Add to Home Screen

    NoTube is proud to offer free, lite-weight, fully functional web-based app. It works best on Windows and Android devices, and functions best in MS Edge or Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Yandex, Atom, Torch, etc). Try it out, it'll be the best app you ever seen - it needs no updates, it employs browser to deliver results, and it's always working as long as our site is online, which is always forever! After adding to home screen on Android devices, you may need to access the app from your apps section, and not exactly the home screen, but feel free to drag it there for even faster access.

    NoTube bookmark-let

    Download Mp4

    If you're a fan of less-mobile devices, such as laptops or desktops, - you may find this little bookmark quite amusing. It is a normal bookmark with just a tiny bit of javascript added to it. To use it, first - drag and drop it to your browser's bookmarks section. After that's done, wait till you find yourself streaming something on Youtube or any other page with video or audio. Now hit that bookmark and see yourself teleported right here to NoTube, and video URL is magically in the input box already, and download links being loaed. Very comfortable and saves time on copy-pasting the video URL.